Standard ShapesP3200020

We consider “standard shapes” to be basic geometrical shapes (cylinders, rings, bars, spheres, etc.) used in many instances as blanks for grinding operations, but also as finished products. These shapes usually require simple tooling In the case of dry pressing, it requires a single ejection complexity.

  • discs
  • square shapes
  • bars
  • cylinders and rings
  • solid spheres
  • spheres with ID hole
  • seats

Structural applications

  • automotive seals
  • water valvesP3200018
  • flow meters
  • nozzles
  • coordinate measuring machine bars
  • plungers
  • wear resistant brick & tile
  • mill liners and cones
  • precipitators
  • thread guides
  • wire drawing
  • laser tubes
  • medical applications
  • wear parts for paper industry
  • armor
  • seal ringsP3200015
  • vacuum chucks
  • valves
  • structural support components
  • fluid pump components

Electrical and Electronic applications

  • semiconductor applications
  • vacuum interrupters
  • flat panel framesP3200016
  • substrates
  • multi-hole substrates
  • insulators


One of the recognized strengths and capabilities of Compact Ceramics is the significant amount of internal design and product development processes which allow us to produce components that our competitors simply cannot. Within its services, the company can handle all areas of product/project/process development.

  • compacting tool design
  • hydraulic press design
  • complex multi-level tool holders design
  • compound pneumatic punches design
  • ceramic powder preparation
  • firing and fixturingP3200011
  • ceramic part design
  • green machining and fixturing
  • wet and dry bag ISO pressing
  • process automation